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Modern Day Prophecy- The Angel Scrolls

The Angel Scrolls began as a study of mysterious communications I was receiving while recording two budgies/parakeets I had named Victor and Maylor. No matter how impossible it seemed, their communications demonstrated a higher intelligence that far exceeded any animal previously known. It led me to thousands of hours of research in an area that was basically untouched by science. Things rapidly evolved as other budgies began speaking intelligently and communicating to me via the internet with the help of their guardians. Like my budgies, they too wanted to demonstrate their own belief systems about God, the angels, the afterlife and even how it all relates to quantum mechanics.

So this forums purpose is to do a complete study of the recordings that will involve the recruitment of a number of different specialists to assist in verification of the audio and video I present. Many of you will be able to experience and witness it for yourselves here. I will be sending out a press release soon to announce when it will begin.

About the videos
Meanwhile, each of the videos that you will see so far in this forum are real and documented evidence of the spiritual world. The videos are all in the exact order that they were recorded. Each forward phrase that Victor or Maylor said, whether it was complete or not, was cut after the phrase and then reversed. Within the inflection, you will be able to witness how they finished the forward phrases with an intelligence far beyond anything discovered thus far. Subsequently, even when I spoke, and didn't say anything of significance in the forward mode, I was clearly communicating once the changes were made. This phenomena I call, "Biological Quantum Communications." If you spend some time listening to these videos you should be able to discover that the interaction between us is nothing short of opening a doorway to the supernatural or spiritual world. Above is just one example of the many videos that I transcribed of Maylor that demonstrates this pehenomena. To see more videos like these click on the forum link and go to Victor and Maylor Quantum Videos.